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There's a lot to think about when it comes to corporate identity. "How do I want the world to perceive my brand?" "What shape should my logo be?" "How many pages should my website be?" "OMG why do I feel so overwhelmed??"

Don't worry! That's where I come in. This intake form is a little get-to-know-you document, so I can hone in on the exact visual tone you want for your project. Determining a coherent identity is the most key element of any business brand – and because of that, consider this an organic process. (And a fun one, too.)

This form will help us establish a tonal reference point for your brand moving forward, so I can develop a voice that you love. I'll ask you a few questions below, and use that to create initial first drafts for your project. Let's get started!

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Consider the words that come to mind when you envision your brand and/or business. Please list at least five keywords below that describe your brand currently:
Think hard- this can be really illuminating!
This is exactly how it sounds. Which websites, logos, or illustrations emulate a tone that feels "right" for your brand? Note that it doesn't have to be in the same industry as yours. Please list them below, using at least two examples.
Get specific. Tell me age range, gender, career status – any demographic marker that makes them exactly the right fit for you.
A) What will people get when they hire you/buy your product? What makes you different from other players in your industry? B) Who is your competition?
Now that we know what your brand offers, how your brand makes people feel, and are honing it on its tone, what is the end goal of this design project? If "expand my business," then what kind of business? This is where we envision your brand's voice working on all four cylinders, helping you create the company of your dreams. Go!:
As your illustrator and graphic designer, there are a variety of specific services I offer. These include: -Website Design (Squarespace) -Logos -Print Collateral -Business Cards -Business Stationary -Facebook/ social media banners and avatars -Posters -Illustrations -Icons -E-mail signatures -Hand rendered typography -Social Media Marketing -Design consulting -Auditing Though it's common for the scope of my work to evolve with clients, now is a good time to list out the initial services you are interested in. What are they?